What an idea.

Makes you shiver

But a refuge

For many of us.

One cut

Take a deep breath

Roses on your wrist

Pools of it

Beside you

Slowly, silently

You lay down

On your bed

Of roses.

One pill

Made you choke.

Still you pop some more

On your dry throat.

Need not a letter

Because they’ll see

Your best hideout

As you black out.

One rope

Tie tightly

Hardly caressing

Your purple supple neck

Taking away

Your pains

As well as your

Precious last breath.

One shot

You’re burned

But not wide awake

To get hurt.

Such an envy

Feeling nothing

Dealing with nothing

Not crying

Not hurting

But still craving for something.

Rain on Memory Lane

Rain falls down

Cool wind brushes

  your damp skin.

Rain falls hard

Knocking at your window

And you take a trip

Down to Memory Lane.

Dark skies, heavy clouds

Melancholy seeps through your heart,

Weary heart, puffy eyes

Take a step

Into my mind.

Broken promises, sweet lies

You won’t even let me

See the truth

In your dark eyes.

Forgotten memories

We were so alive.

Don’t know why

You died.

Rain drizzles

Let out a sigh

Slowly wipe the rain

  in your eyes.

Realization embraces you

Whispering softly

On why he chose

Not to be with you.

You see sweetie,

The thins is

Even when you’ve given all

He’d get sick of it

And just throw it up all.

No more ‘I love you” ‘s

Only goodbyes.

On a stormy night

Out were the lights

There’s no one for me

To stay the night.

Rain turns to shower

Just like my memories

Barely there

But enough

To sicken me.

I don’t know where to end

May this pain end

I’m so tired

To take a stroll

Down the Memory Lane.


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"Scare the world: Be exactly who you say you are and tell the truth."

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everything love♥ (source)


everything love♥ (source)

"Yes, I’ve changed. Pain does that to people."

everything love♥ (source)


everything love♥ (source)


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♡ Find all good posts here! ♡

"Are we together only because you’re waiting on someone better?"
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